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Prism Planning & Solutions Group

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Perspective Matters

We are financial advisors all about Empowering you to pursue your dreams and passions while ensuring you feel well cared for, informed, and secure during all the stages of your life! 
If you are following a unique path, be it what you do, where you live, or who you love, you're likely to encounter complex circumstances. We understand those challenges. We are a team of Financial Advisors dedicated to simplifying the financial intricacies of your life.

We Get You and We've Got Your Back!

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Comprehensive budget planning

Do you know how much money goes into your left pocket and then out of your right pocket each month? Does most of your income go to housing and food, or shopping and entertainment? Sometimes the answers to these questions are not so straight forward. We can help you break down the bigger picture to create a budget that works with your lifestyle.


Planning to pay off debt

The word debt can hold a lot of meaning. You may have heard things like 'good debt vs bad debt,' or been told you should 'consolidate your debt.' We will help you to understand your outstanding debt, when (if) you should take on more debt, and most importantly, develop a plan to pay down your debt.



Your dreams and passions are so important to us! Ever heard the expression "every dollar counts"? Let us show you why. We will work with you to find the most beneficial way(s) to save, and how to incorporate short-term savings into long-term plans.


LGBTQ+ planning services

LGBTQ+ people have many of the same dreams held by everyone else. For us, for many reasons, it can be more difficult to make those dreams realities. We are intimately familiar with what it's like to take courageous risks in life. That's who we are and those are the people we work with. We support you in following your heart because that's what we do too. We know it's aligned to your deepest truth.


Investment planning

What types of investments are best for you? When is the right time to buy? To sell? If you've done some research, you may have heard about factors like time horizon, risk and return, or the importance of diversification. Schedule a call with us to find out why specific investment decisions are usually the last step of our process. Investing can be stressful. Let us reduce that stress by putting together an investment plan built around you and your goals. As your investment managers we monitor your plan so you can sleep better at night.


Buying a home

Should you rent or buy? How do you know when you're ready to take on a mortgage? How much should you set aside as a down payment? We get it, real estate can be complicated. You may think you've found your answers on Google, but those answers do not take into consideration you and your unique situation. We will help you figure out the solution that fits your life plan.


Planning for life changes

Let's be honest, how many times has life gone as planned? How are you supposed to plan for unpredictable events? We are first and foremost planners. As we always say, you can try to think of every possible scenario. and we'll still be able to find three more. So when life throws a curveball, our clients know we've got them covered.


Retirement Planning

The years that follow the shift away from working full time can be the most well-spent years of peoples' lives. With so many options and decisions, planning for it can be daunting. Finding the right questions to ask can be key when making decisions about pensions and retirement plans. We're here to help you understand the tradeoffs to make this transition as smooth as possible.

How we help you


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