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Who we serve


We see life the same way, we look at the 4 phases of light going through a prism: 

Each one a component of the whole picture, yet distinctive and required for the next phase to be possible. No matter where you fit in, or where you are going, we are dedicated to your journey.

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In the reflection phase, our clients have achieved checking off the majority of their adult wish list and are within 10 years of reaching their Radiance Phase.

Radiance- the phase of life we are all working towards and the final stage of the light going through the prism. Our clients who are in this stage of life are often retirees, beneficiaries, and those who are ready to take a new step in life after achieving professional success.

Radiance Phase

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Reflection Phase

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The first phase starts with a beam of light. You are that beam ready to take flight and travel towards your successes. Our clients in this phase generally include those who are:

-Early career people 

-Reinventing themselves after divorce, job loss, etc.

-Paying off debt

-Or even need help determining priorities for allocating financial resources

A crucial phase is the Illumination phase. Our clients in this stage often have acquired many things off of their adult wish list, such as a home or business. They have established goals and need some help making sure they stay on track with their ideal financial behaviors. They may even have children who are getting to an age where college alarm bells are going off and planning ahead is a must.

The Beam Phase

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Illumination Phase

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