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Young Professional

  • Detailed review and analysis of your current financial situation. 

  • Identification and quantification of specific short term, intermediate and long-term financial goals. ​ 

  • Development of specific recommendations for strategies to achieve your goals. 

  • Assistance with implementation of agreed-upon strategies monitoring of progress towards goals.

  • Monitoring of progress towards goals

  • Cash flow review, including budgeting and savings strategies

  • Debt management and reduction strategies, including options for student loans

  • Ongoing access to financial planning portal for client-driven "what-if"

  • Evidence based financial behavior assessment and coaching

  • Discretionary management of retirement and non-retirement accounts (held at Prism's custodian)

  • *Unlimited access to Prism Associate Advisor*

  • Account aggregation through Prism Client Portal

  • Annual Financial Plan Review

  • Tiered Investment Management Fee in addition to recurring monthly financial planning fee

  • Investment Management includes Quarterly Performance Reporting and Annual Portfolio Review

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Services Available
*Additional Fee*

  • Review of investments not managed by Prism, i.e. employer retirement accounts

  • Review and monitoring for employer related benefits such as Stock Purchase Plans, RSUs and stock options

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